Manufacturer of Nimonic 90 Refractory Anchors

Bahubali Alloys have profoundly tenacious group of experts, we have possessed the capacity to deliver quality guaranteed Nimonic 90 Refractory Anchor into the business sector. Keeping in mind the end goal to make them follow universal quality gauges, we produced them with ultra evaluation crude material actualizing most recent advances. Inferable from their quality, redid outline, different shapes and high rigidity, they are generally utilized as a part of Chemical Plants, Oil and Gas refinery and Power Plants.

Refractory Anchors used to hold onto the shell, the light weight insulating bricks, which are nimonic based, the anchors for this product family are made in nimonium steel alloy. Their shape has been designed to allow the various ways of anchoring these bricks.


Table 1. Composition ranges for Nimonic 90 Refractory Anchors

Grade Ni Cr Ti Si Cu Fe C Al Mn Co B Zr S
Nimonic 90 Bal 18.0-21.0 2.00-3.00 1.0max 0.20max 1.50 max 0.13 max 2.00 max 1.0max 15.00-21.00 0.02 max 0.15 max 0.015 max

Table 2. Mechanical Properties for Nimonic 90 Refractory Anchors

Temperature ksi MPa
595°C / 1100°F 94 650
650°C / 1200°F 73 500
705°C / 1300°F 51 350
760°C / 1400°F 32 220
815°C / 1500°F 16 110

Table 3. Physical Properties for Nimonic 90 Refractory Anchors

Density 8.18g/cm³
Melting Point 1370°C
Coefficient of Expansion 12.7 μm/m °C (20 - 100°C)
Modulus of Rigidity 82.5 kN/mm²
Modulus of Elasticity
(Annealed + Aged)
(Spring Temper + Aged)
213 kN/mm²
227 / 240 kN/mm²

Table 4. Grade Specification for Nimonic 90 Refractory Anchors

Nimonic 90 Alloy 90 2.4632 N07090

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